Cover Site Web 05-2021

Photo credit : © David Sagot

From the shores of Boulogne-sur-mer, Pastel Coast is looking toward the sea. Quentin Isidore and his band surf the US indie pop wave “à la française”. [Phoenix- Futures islands - The Drums- Surf Curse] After their debut album entitled Hovercraft, awarded by the band’s nomination for the 2020 Ricard Price and for the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges, Pastel Coast are coming back in 2021 with a new opus they will perform on the Main Square stage next July. After « Rendez-vous », and “Dial”, It’s turn to “Sunset” , their new single, to come out. Pastel Coast in a race against time try to find love before the sun goes down. Directed by Robin Laroque and Quentin Marinelllo, act by Samya Arrat, the videoclip “Sunset” mocks “love affaire”. 4 minutes filmed as a super 8 movie !